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Namaste Barefoot Trimming

My Story

I started on this path in 2009 when my first horse Sofa underwent hoof rehab. She was seen by multiple farriers who never mentioned her deteriorating hooves. By the time I switched to the barefoot trimmer who would become my first mentor, her soles were one big bruise and dangerously thin. We quickly took action and her hooves were trimmed and casted. I will never forget the moment when this mare who had never been able to stand still was able to fully relax and stand at liberty because her pain had eased. In 4 weeks the casts were removed and she had grown in healthy, thick soles. She has never needed hoof protection again.

I took over my personal horses' hoof care around a decade ago and continued to learn all that I could. In 2020 I began working with my now mentor Danielle Sego of True Balance Trimming, who introduced me to the teachings of Daisy Bicking. I developed a deeper understanding of anatomy, including how conformational defects influence the hoof. 

My passion is helping animals that have fallen through the cracks of conventional farriery or have been declared lost causes. I am also committed to supporting performance horses, whether through barefoot trimming or composite shoeing. I compete in dressage and liberty and do lots of trail riding with my 22 year old Quarter Horse gelding Riley. He is the ideal test horse for new shoeing applications as he is both a metabolic sinker/former caudal failure horse and an equine athlete. 

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