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Maintenance Trims

​Balanced hoof care on a regular maintenance schedule tailored to your animal's individual needs.


Performance Shoeing

Whether you need trail riding protection or additional support for a performance horse, I offer a range of options including custom fit and colors.


Rehabilitation Trims & Therapeutic Shoeing

Realignment trims for foundered animals, soft tissue rehab for caudal failure, a leverage reduction package and more.

Leverage Reduction Package

Developed by Daisy Bicking, this package uses Epona shoes, Dental Impression Material and casting to create vertical depth and stabilize compromised hooves. Additional benefits include:

  • Direct glueing allows for creative shoe placement to account for limb deformities

  • Build in wedge or lift with glue to help high-low or caudal failure horses

  • Recovering laminitic horses benefit from vertical depth and the casting reduces stress on the compromised laminae

  • Reduced leverage and concussion for arthritic horses

This package allows for infinite adjustments but also uses a lot of costly materials and requires a cooperative horse. I recommend watching the YouTube video below if you are interested in this package or glue on composite shoes in general. 


Performance/Trail Packages

I also work with the EasyCare Inc. line of composites including Versa Grip Glues, Versa Octos, EasyShoe 3Ds, etc. Lightweight and flexible, these products offer excellent caudal support and can be modified to a custom fit with adjusted breakover, wedges or studs added, and can even be dyed in your favorite color!


Clients: Help me help your horse

Composites are a fantastic tool for helping horses but require some prep and the right conditions for a successful application and retention. As you saw in the video above, your horse will be exposed to new tools, smells, and sensations during the application process. Some can naturally be unsure of this new experience and they need to be able to relax and stand still during the prep, shoe placement and glueing. For this reason I typically do not shoe horses that I am not already acquainted with. I also strongly recommend having Dormosedan gel on hand for your horse's first shoeing. This can be obtained from your veterinarian and is a light sedative that helps the process go smoothly and keeps everyone safe if your horse struggles to stand still due to distrust or pain (because often the horses that most need composites are the ones that will struggle with the process). 

Composite retention comes down to 3 primary factors, FITPREP & APPLICATION. Environment and horse behavior are secondary factors. Some horses are harder on their shoes than others and may require a package with reinforcement. 

In order to achieve correct fit, prep and shoe placement, I need a safe, level, clean, well lit workspace and a compliant horse.

Obviously a barn with a concrete aisle is ideal, but not everyone has that, and it's possible to use mats or a sheet of plywood, provided the horse will stand still and remain in that area. And even a nice barn with an aisle won't do me any good if it's dirty, or newly swept with dust still in the air. 

A compliant horse means 

  • No slamming feet down or pulling away

  • Stands still, no excess wiggling

  • Gives to light pressure, ideally a verbal correction 

The process of applying composites takes much longer than just a trim, so if your horse has any difficulty standing for a routine trim, sedation or further training will be necessary. If you are setting up a special area for the shoeing, your horse needs to be comfortable there. Practice beforehand and make sure they can relax and stand still. Figure out what helps them to be relaxed and peaceful. Do they need an emotional support buddy nearby? Or do they need to run around and blow off some steam before the appointment? It's unfair to ask them to stand still for an extended period of time if they are nervous or have ants in their pants, just as it is unfair to expect a hoof care professional to achieve correct prep and shoe placement on a constantly moving target. 

I'm happy to work with clients on troubleshooting what works best for their animal prior to the shoeing appointment. When everyone works together, the process goes as smoothly as possible and your horse can reap the maximum benefits of their glue ons!

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